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My Second Language is Russian!

Buy children textbooks by Nina Vlasova, Alla Akishina, Olga Chubarova, and many other well-known authors who specialized in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Textbooks were written for kids who live in a non-Russian speaking environment, in particular, who live in America. These educational materials make memorizing and using new words an easy task.

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Korol' syskaKorol' syska
A. Koshko 

NEW BOOKS at Misc. Series

A. Il'in. Killer iz shkafa  $7.20
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A. Il'in. Obet molchaniia  $7.20
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Lazar'. Karelin. Zmeelov. Dubler  $7.20
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Robert. Kharris. Faterland (Superoblozhka)  $7.20
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A. Koshko. Korol' syska  $7.20
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Aleksandra. Marinina. Kazn' bez zlogo umysla
Anastasiia Kamenskaia i ee byvshij kollega Iurij Korotkov priekhali v dalekij sibirskij gorod Verbitsk. Nastin brat sobiraetsia postroit' zdes' dorogoj pansionat, i poprosil ikh na...
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D. Koretskij. Vremia mechej (Mech Nemezidy - 3)  $10.80
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Iu.L. Latynina. Okhota na iziubria  $5.40
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Iu. Latynina. Niiazbek  $5.40
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T. Ustinova. Kovcheg Marka  $11.88
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Bualo-Narsezhak. Alaia karta  $13.20
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Ch. Abdullaev. Pol'za pokhoti  $12.00
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Iu. Adler - Ol'sen. Zhenschina v kletke  $14.40
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Iu. Adler - Ol'sen. T'ma v butylke  $14.40
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B. Akunin. Batal'on angelov
Roman BATAL'ON ANGELOV, vkhodiaschij v tsikl Borisa Akunina "Smert' na brudershaft", posviaschen tragicheskoj istorii pervogo v Rossii zhenskogo batal'ona smerti, kotoryj byl organ...
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Z. Bek. Golos krovi  $14.40
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Z. Bek. Ranniaia smert'  $14.40
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L. Chajld. Dzhek Richer, ili Eto stoit smerti  $14.40
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D. Dontsova. Magiia gospozhi Metelitsy  $13.20
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P. Dzhejms. Pust' ty umresh'  $14.40
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You are cordially invited to look at extensive collection of Russian books at RULIST STORE. Wide selection of Poetry and Prose in Russian, books on Arts, Culture, History, Religion, Medicine, and Cooking could be interesting for readers of various ages, cultural background and tastes. In Language Studies section you could find Dictionaries and American English study material. Russian tales and books from our childhood, that you may want to read to your kids or grandchildren, are at the Kids section. Books at Doctor’s Opinion shelf could be very interesting to those who care about themselves.

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